This Year, Choose a New Barn

We founded our company in 2015 because we couldn’t find a clean almond milk at the store that was truly delicious. (We think we’ve really nailed it since then!)

Then in 2019, we added the word “Organics” to our name because that’s always where we begin, and we wanted to share our deep commitment to the wellbeing of our planet. Everything we make is certified USDA Organic (and non-GMO!), and we use only the best clean ingredients in our products.

And in 2021, we updated our packaging to show that our dedication to regenerative farming starts with our ingredients. Our almonds and coconuts are sourced from small family-owned regenerative farms, and they’re grown using sustainable practices – mulching, dry farming, and planting cover crops are a few techniques that help build the soil and enrich the plants that grow our food.

Most exciting of all was when our Regenerative Organic Pasture Raised Eggs were certified last year by the Regenerative Organic Alliance, the gold standard for regenerative farming. So you can be sure that we’re following the best regenerative farming and animal welfare standards available today. (So far we’ve converted over 150 football fields’ worth of American farmland to Regenerative Organic farming practices!!)

Even our packaging is good for the planet. Made mostly from plant material sourced from sustainable-growth forests, we use the PlantCarton™ by Evergreen Packaging for our almond and coconut milks because it's helped us to reduce the amount of plastic in our supply chain by 80%. (Plus these cartons are 100% recyclable, too!)

We believe that Love is Food™. When we choose to love ourselves, we must also choose to respect our planet and all of the plants and creatures who live here along with us. Everything is connected, from the soil to the sky. We're doing our part to make sure there's a better future ahead for all of us, because our survival depends on it.

This year and every year, we hope you'll choose love too. In a world full of conflict and negativity, we choose to do what's right and spread the love. When you choose love, you make the world a better place for everyone.

Choose a New Barn. ❤️ 

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