3 Ways to Celebrate National Pollinator Month

From our Regenerative Organic Certified® egg farms to the almonds we source from Burroughs Family Farms, everything we make protects the well-being of pollinators and their habitats.

In honor of National Pollinator Month,  here are 3 ways you can celebrate:⁠

1. Plant pollinator-friendly flowers & herbs that benefit the local bees, birds, and bugs that need a varied array of blooming plants to survive. If you're not sure what to plant in your area, you can call a local nursery and ask what they'd recommend.⁠

2. Let "weeds" – such as dandelion and clover – flower in your lawn. This provides another source of blooms for pollinators to benefit from. (As a bonus, adding variety to your lawn can help to improve soil nutrition and lock water into the soil.)⁠

3. Support farmers and food brands that make it a priority to create safe habitat for pollinators and birds on their land. By purchasing products from these businesses, you can help to change the farming system by giving them a way to make a living by doing the right thing.⁠

We love supporting pollinators, and we hope you'll join us in protecting their habitat!⁠




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