Happy 50th Anniversary, Earth Day!

The first Earth Day took place fifty years ago, and our planet has never needed action more than it does today. We believe in action now, not tomorrow. We're doing our part by sourcing organic ingredients for our products, which helps to protect the soil and the bees. And last year we stopped using plastic bottles and switched to the PlantCarton™ by Evergreen Packaging, which helped us to reduce the amount of plastic in our plant-based milk supply chain by around 80%. These cartons are mostly made from plant fiber harvested from sustainable-growth forests, and they're 100% recyclable, too.

But before you recycle our cartons, we'd like to share another way you can reuse them to help the Earth. By growing a garden, you can celebrate Earth Day every day! Our fiber cartons make an excellent mini pot for growing your garden seedlings. See below for a how-to on giving new life to our cartons once you're done drinking the delicious organic almond milk inside!


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