Why We're Farming Like the World Depends On It

Orbiting the sun at an impressive 67,000 mph, the warm ocean world we call Earth is home to some beautifully diverse creatures. From the smallest single-celled organisms to the largest (and loudest!) animals in existence today, there’s an amazing array of life forms who call Earth home.

Just take a look at some of the incredible beings we share our planet with…


A collection of some of the Earth's diverse species


But how long will this abundance of life last? We’re currently living through a mass extinction event, the sixth in our planet’s history. Did you know that the Earth has had five major extinction events in its past? The dinosaurs weren’t the only living creatures to go extinct on this planet!!

We’re currently living through what’s called the Holocene extinction, the sixth major extinction event in our planet’s history. It’s sometimes also referred to as the Anthropocene extinction, and it began about 10,000 years ago.

While some of Earth’s past extinctions have been caused by factors like ice ages or asteroid impacts, the current extinction we’re living through has one plain and proven cause: human activity.


Human pollution in its various forms is what's causing the sixth extinction we're currently living through


Human intelligence is an amazing thing. It’s what has allowed our species to thrive, building massive civilizations and building incredibly complex systems and structures along the way.

But as our technology has advanced and our population has exploded, we’ve been taxing the very resources that we depend on. Humans have over-mined, over-fished, and over-logged much of the planet, and it’s caused great harm to the ecosystems we rely on for maintaining environmental balance. As a result, our very existence is at risk.


We've depleted the Earth's resources and haven't listened to the lessons from nature


So how do we make enough change in time to save ourselves and the rest of the life on Earth? Enter Regenerative Organic farming.

The agricultural sector is the source of about 24% of all global carbon emissions worldwide. Since we’re a food company, we think it makes sense to start solving the climate crisis by changing how we farm. Regenerative Organic farming sequesters more carbon than any other farming method, while at the same time building topsoil and protecting the animals and people who produce our food.


A New Barn hen on one of our Regenerative Organic farms


By working with the Regenerative Organic Alliance to certify the farms that produce our Regenerative Organic Pasture Raised Eggs, we’ve already converted over 150 football fields’ worth of American farmland to Regenerative Organic – and we’re just getting started. We’re currently working to certify all of our products as Regenerative Organic, and we support the ROA's efforts to spread the word about this incredibly important standard.

This restorative farming method isn't just greenwashing. The Rodale Institute estimates that if the entire world converted its croplands and pastures to Regenerative Organic agriculture, we could sequester more than 100% of our current global carbon emissions. We have the tools needed to solve the climate crisis right in front of us – now we need to do everything we can to support the farmers and brands who are committing to truly making a difference.


Regenerative Organic Certified


This is why we’ve chosen to farm like the world depends on it. There's no more time left for misleading claims or greenwashed ad campaigns; extinction is looming and the disappearance of the Earth's species is accelerating. We've already lost about 94% of the world's endangered species in just the last century, and we're on track to lose hundreds more.

So what are we going to do about it? We're going to fight. From our Regenerative Organic Eggs to our plant-based packaging to the dry farmed almonds we use to make our almond milk, every decision we make takes our planet's future into the balance.

We invite you to do your part by supporting The Regenerative Organic movement. Whenever you can, choose to buy products bearing the ROC logo – there are many "regenerative" certifications out there now, but only ROC truly addresses the scope of the problem.

You can also make a difference by making a donation (if you're able) to The Regenerative Organic Alliance. These funds help the ROA to train more certifiers and to spread the word about why the ROC standard is such an important solution to the climate crisis and mass extinction.


A honeybee gathers nectar from a wildflower on one of our Regenerative Organic egg farms


If we all pitch in to be an active part of the solution, we can genuinely solve the problem we've so callously created. Let's hope that we can all come together to fight for our planet's future – our very survival depends on it.


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