The Earth Is Our Valentine, This Year and Every Year to Come

To our cherished Mother (Earth),

We're sending you this love note for Valentine's Day because you are our truest love. Without your rich soils and naturally abundant nutrients, humankind and the rest of the creatures who call this planet home wouldn't be able to live. We thank you for your abundance, and vow to continue to do everything in our power to help protect you for the future generations you will nourish.

It would be easier to dwell on what's wrong in how we treat you... with methane super-events and carbon dioxide emissions continuing to pour into your precious atmosphere, climate change continues to show its impacts all over the globe. It's sometimes difficult to remember that despite these immense setbacks to your health (and our own), we humans have also innovated some incredible ways to help offset the ills modern society inflicts upon you each and every day.

One example is Regenerative Organic Certified® farming. This third-party certification ensures that the farms who claim to use regenerative practices are properly (in every way) utilizing this important agricultural tool that's so capable of making significant positive change to your wellbeing. Since we love you with all of our hearts here at New Barn Organics, we vow to continue fighting for your health and wellbeing by sourcing as many of our ingredients as possible from ROC™ Certified farms – including our own.




By supporting the healthiest form of agriculture that we possibly can, we will continue to make improvements to our farming practices as required by the Regenerative Organic Alliance. Since the standards we're required to (and grateful to!) comply with in order to maintain our certification will continue to evolve and improve over time, the people who choose to buy our products can feel good knowing that we're being held accountable by such a comprehensive and meaningful set of standards. We simply love seeing this powerful logo on the vast majority of our products, and we'll continue with our efforts to change our ingredient sourcing holistically until every single product we make is fully ROC™ Certified.


Regenerative Organic Certified®



Our love for this planet will always guide us to help improve the soil where our food is grown as much as we possibly can. And by choosing to follow regenerative organic principles, you can rest assured that we'll always make every choice within our power with the intention of protecting all of your creatures and the people who care for them every day.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mother Earth! We will continue to love and cherish you always.


XOXO, Team New Barn ❤️



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