Fewest, Cleanest, Simplest Organic Ingredients

Your food should be nutritious and delicious, no compromises. We start with sourcing nutrient-dense organic ingredients as the base to everything we create. A modern take on your favorite staples, which is really just getting back to basics. No filler ingredients or strange chemicals you can’t pronounce. Real food, really. And really delicious. Whether you’re plant-based, plant-curious, or just enjoy good quality, yummy food, we have products you’ll love.

Organic and Beyond

We’ve been committed to organic since day one, and quickly learned it was so much larger than that. We honor the land and people who produce our food, making sure conditions are safe, healthy, regenerative, and dignified. Organic isn’t just a certification; it’s a principle, a value system, and our North Star for all that we do.

To us, organic is a commitment to do better. We believe in organic for our bodies, our planet, and our future.

Do Better

We first launched our organic almondmilk in a PET plastic bottle, which is the most widely recyclable plastic option. While we loved our custom bottle, transitioning to our new recyclable PlantCartonTM was an easy choice. It’s plant-based packaging for plant-based food, and has helped us reduce the plastic in our beverage supply chain by 80%. We are proud to partner with Evergreen Packaging and be the first company to use their PlantCartonTM.

Sourcing is an important part of our finished products. Our organic almonds come from a co-op in Valencia, Spain, where they are dry-farmed, which means less water is used and flavor is boosted naturally. Our organic palm oil is sourced from Palm Done RightTM, who we are proud to partner with as they ensure our palm oil is responsibly sourced, organic, fair-trade, and helps preserve biodiversity. Not all palm oil is created equal, and not all palm oil is destructive - in fact, quite the opposite. Learn more about our decision to use responsibly-sourced organic palm oil here.

We believe we can all do better, and we’re reimagining what a food company can do.