About Us

In 2015, we wanted almond milk that tasted more like the one we made at home and only used simple, organic ingredients. When we couldn’t find one, we decided to create our own. Today we’re focused on making “essentials” that you can trust. Always dairy-free, organic, and totally delicious.

In our opinion, food should be nutritious, delicious and without compromise. Every product we make starts with nutrient-dense organic ingredients that are thoughtfully and transparently sourced. No filler ingredients or strange chemicals you can’t pronounce, and nothing we aren’t proud of sharing with our own families.

We also believe in standing for something as a business, and we are guided by a simple but powerful vision: to build a Company our kids are proud of. We understand the future is borrowed from the next generation, so we always seek to make long-term decisions that promise them a healthier planet and food system.

The barn has historically been a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and community on the farm. Our ‘New Barn’ represents a connection to the true spirit of small-scale agriculture. We are committed to honoring the land and beings who produce our food, making sure conditions are safe, healthy, regenerative, and dignified.

Like you, we love food and the memories and experiences it creates. The best food is almost always the simplest and made with the best possible ingredients. Our deepest honor is sharing our food with you; love is food, and food is love.


In love and food,

Team New Barn