Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs

Pasture raised hen on a New Barn farm

The Only Eggs We'd Ever Sell.

Imagine a world where farming contributes to a healthier planet. Where good grazing practices can help solve the climate crisis, and the animals who help produce our food can live healthy, natural lives – the way nature intended.

We want to live in that world. That's why we've partnered with NestFresh Eggs to source the most delicious, humanely-raised eggs available. Our heritage breed hens are raised on traditional small family farms, and they have continuous access to pasture from sunrise to sunset.

The barns are furnished with perches, clean nesting boxes, and dust-bathing areas so the hens can express their natural behaviors whether they're indoors or outside in the sunshine. Their diet includes 100% vegetarian feed, and they eat a variety of bugs, herbs, and other natural supplements available to them while they're in the pasture. The result is organic eggs that do good and taste good.

We believe in regenerative organic agriculture. That's why we're proud to be the first nationally distributed Regenerative Organic Certified egg brand in the United States. ROC certification revolves around three main attributes: soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness. We chose to become ROC certified because we want to farm like the world depends on it.


New Barn certified regenerative organic pasture raised eggs

We're following the best animal welfare practices available in compliance with ROC's Animal Welfare standards, including their Five Freedoms promise. In addition, our hens are raised to a minimum of the following standards:





 Regenerative Organic Pasture Raised Eggs


Each carton of our Pasture Raised contains a range of speckled brown eggs. Beautiful and delicious, these are organic eggs the way they ought to be.



 Regenerative Organic Multicolor Pasture Raised Eggs


Our beautiful Multicolor Eggs come in a range of brown and green hues. Laid by a variety of heritage-breed hens, these heirloom eggs are a visual treat!