Delicious Coconut Milk Starts with Ethical Coconuts

Our Unsweetened Coconut milk is refreshing and delicious. Since it's a perishable product, it has a clean coconut flavor unlike anything else we've tried. It's free of added flavors or sweeteners, gums, synthetic vitamins, or stabilizers. Since we don't use anything that would get in the way of the delicious coconut flavor, each sip tastes like tropical paradise.


Unsweetened Coconut Milk


We start with organic coconuts grown on a collective of small family farms. These farms use regenerative practices like mulching, using palm fronds and coconut husks to cover the ground under the trees. This preserves groundwater around each tree by minimizing evaporation, and reduces the amount of weeds that are able to grow by covering the soil. Mulching also reduces erosion, and by using the materials from the coconut palms they would otherwise discard, it helps to reduce farm waste. 

The farms also practice intercropping, planting pineapples and other crops in between the coconut palms. Intercropping has many benefits, like increasing crop yield and suppressing weed growth. Keeping the soil between palms covered with other plants helps maintain soil moisture as well.


Coconut husk mulch


Another important factor in coconut production is the type of labor used to harvest the coconuts. Horrifyingly, many coconut plantations still use forced monkey labor to harvest their coconuts. These monkeys are kept in cages too small for them to turn around in, and they're trained to harvest coconuts using abusive techniques. The monkeys live their entire lives in captivity, chained up and forced to pick coconuts high in tall coconut trees until they die, never tasting freedom.

None of the farms we source our coconuts from use monkey labor in any form. And since people harvest the coconuts we use in our coconut milk, we've ensured that ethical practices are being followed on each farm. Third-party audits are performed to make sure that workers are paid and treated fairly. The farming collective also provides support to individual farmers, helping to improve their operations and increase their standard of living.


Coconut palm farm


We're proud of our coconut milk, from the coconut farms to the product that you keep in your fridge at home. It's a delicious base for tropical smoothies, makes amazing popsicles, and is refreshing right out of the carton. However you like to enjoy our Unsweetened Coconut milk, you can feel good about supporting farms that produce their coconuts the right way. By sourcing ingredients from farms that use ethical and regenerative practices, we're doing our part to Make Food Better™.

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