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Fewest, cleanest, simplest organic ingredients.

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Honoring the land and people who produce our food.

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For our bodies, our planet and our future.

Read what our customers are saying

"I've served New Barn's almondmilk to my family for years, and am thrilled to introduce my Whole30 community to their new line of veggie dips. As a Whole30 Approved partner, I value working with such an engaged and passionate team. As a consumer, I love knowing what I'm feeding my family is thoughtfully produced and transparently labeled."

-Melissa Urban

"We love New Barn Organics at The Whole Smiths; not only for the delicious taste of their products but for the quality of the ingredients used in making them. New Barn Organics has built a brand that is synonymous with clean, simple and healthy food and that's why we choose to stock our kitchen with their products."

-Michelle Smith