Women's Health Named Our Barista Almondmilk One of Their Favorite Non-Dairy Creamers!

Today Women's Health included our Barista Almondmilk on a list of their favorite non-dairy creamers for coffee. Barista works great as a creamer and it also steams beautifully, so you can use it in your coffee and in your cappuccino! Some of our customers love the delicious flavor so much that they use it in their smoothies, too. One product, so many uses! No wonder Barista is such a customer favorite.

New Barn Organics Barista Almondmilk on Women's Health

You can find Barista in a store near you, or purchase it directly from our site to have a case (or two!) show up on your door for a luscious non-dairy treat. Enjoy!

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