Why We're Pausing Direct Deliveries For A Brief Window

We hope that you and your families are healthy and safe during these uncertain times. Nothing matters more to us than the well-being of our customers.

We've worked quickly to make sure that the majority of our team is able to work remotely. The safety and health of our team is our top priority right now.

As a result of COVID-19, as well as due to a desire to keep our team members safe, we are temporarily pausing online orders to make a couple of adjustments to how we store and ship our products.

We expect to be shipping again soon, and we're working on offering a new way to help make our products more accessible to our customers.

Thanks for your patience while we make these adjustments, and we will let you know as soon as we're. back up and ready to keep shipping delicious, fresh, organic products right to your front door.

Thank you, we appreciate you all so much!

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