Our Regenerative Organic Almonds

Our planet-friendly Regenerative Organic Certified® almond milks are made with almonds sourced from Burroughs Family Farms, a beautiful family homestead nestled in California's San Joaquin Valley. As the first ROC-Certified almond farm in the country, this special family is working to change the future of farming in the Golden State.



The Burroughs began working on becoming USDA Organic certified in 2006, an effort led by Rosie and Ward Burroughs that resulted in the entire farm's certification nearly a decade later. They set an example for their daughter Benina to follow, who learned about Regenerative Organic agriculture and decided to convert some of her family's acreage to use this restorative farming method. Benina wanted her own children to grow up on a farm that had a rich and healthy ecosystem, and her kids are enjoying their childhoods surrounded by land full of vibrance.



The Burroughs follow a foundational set of practices that build a healthy ecosystem and enrich the soil. They never spray any toxic chemicals and use no-till practices. By using sheep to graze weeds and fertilize the almond orchards, they work with nature to maintain a natural harmony between the soil and the trees that grow their delicious almonds.



By keeping the ground covered all year long, the farm's soil is enriched and protected by a mixture of cover crops specially selected for optimum soil health. A blend of mustard, rye, and other grasses cover the ground across the entire farm, fixing carbon and nitrogen into the earth while locking water into the soil beneath.



The Burroughs believe in the importance of taking good care of the people who work on their land. The farm's workers are paid a living wage, and are offered the ability to participate in a 401K program through the farm. They're also provided with housing or other financial assistance as needed, and many have worked on the farm anywhere between 10–30 years. Employees also receive baskets full of farm products to take home to their families.



To promote biodiversity and bring pollinators to the farm, hedgerows of native plants and wildflowers are planted on the borders of the almond orchards. A diverse blend of varieties such as coyotebrush, white sage, and California wildrose take turns blooming all year long. The hedgerows attract local pollinators, and they provide a safe haven for many bird species who call this beautiful farm their home.



We are incredibly proud to be sourcing our almonds from this ground-breaking family. The Burroughs are determined to change the way that almond farmers in San Joaquin Valley produce their crops, and host events to teach other local producers how to farm regeneratively. New Barn was one of this year's sponsors for their second annual Regenerative Almond Field Day, a two-day event that brings together farmers, agricultural researchers, and other industry members to learn about the farming practices that can improve soil and help save the planet.

We're grateful for the important work that The Burroughs family is doing to educate farmers and change attitudes about agricultural practices in California. Just like Benina chose to farm using Regenerative Organic techniques and her parents certified their land as Organic years before, learning about farming practices that can help growers to make changes that will preserve farmland and protect the planet.

To view our almond milk products that were made with The Burroughs' delicious almonds, visit our Almond Milk page and keep an eye out for the logo below to show that they're Regenerative Organic Certified®.




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