Hannah's Heavenly Iced Matcha Latte recipe

We love sharing how members of Team New Barn use our products... because we're just as obsessed as you are, and we want to spread the love!

Our amazing Sales Manager – and one of our faves (hi Hannah!) – makes this matcha EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. We're sharing her recipe below, because it's absolutely perfect and we think you'll really enjoy it.⁠

Thanks so much for sharing this with our New Barn fans, Hannah!




  1. Empty matcha packet into cup.⁠
  2. Pour about 2 or 3 oz hot* water into cup, and mix with a hand whisk or an electric brother until it's fully blended.⁠
  3. Add plant-based milks of your choice and stir thoroughly.⁠
  4. Add cinnamon and stir lightly.⁠
  5. Add ice into your cup and enjoy! (Note: if you'd prefer the matcha to be less diluted, you can skip adding ice if desired.)⁠


Here's a tip from Hannah: "If you'd like to make this matcha creamier (or to warm it up), you can use the electric brother to mix everything together again. I like doing that when I'm at home – even for a cold drink matcha – because it makes the matcha thicker."⁠ ⁠

*Make sure to use hot water when pouring directly into the matcha powder, because it's the only way to break up the powder for a smooth finish. Using room temp or cold water for this step won't create the same richness you'll get from using hot water.⁠

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