Press Release: New Barn Organics Launches the First Regenerative Organic Certified® Almond Milk, Leading the Way in Sustainable Food Production

New Barn Organics Regenerative Organic Certified® almond milk


The Regenerative Organic Certified milks can be found at independent retailers across California and the Pacific Northwest, as well as at Whole Foods Market stores in the Southern Pacific Region

FULLERTON, Calif. (June 6, 2023) – New Barn Organics, almond milk pioneer and leader in ethically produced foods, is proud to announce the launch of its newest product – Regenerative Organic Certified® almond milk, the first of its kind to come to market. Representing a necessary shift toward sustainability in the food industry, this comes on the heels of the brand’s 2022 debut of the first Regenerative Organic Certified pasture-raised eggs to hit shelves. 

“As a purpose-driven brand, we’re thrilled to continue the evolution of our dairy-free almond milk by achieving Regenerative Organic Certification. The New Barn team has worked closely with the Regenerative Organic Alliance and our supply chain partners for the last few years to achieve this goal,” said New Barn Organics co-founder, Ted Robb. “We’re confident that a growing number of households want to select regenerative organic products for their personal and family health but also for the long-term sustainability of our planet. We’re delighted to deliver on our brand promise of Making Food Better for our customers and their shoppers.”

New Barn Organics is committed to continuous improvement and pushing its supply chain forward with regenerative agriculture, a holistic farming approach that aims to rebuild soil health, increase biodiversity and promote carbon sequestration. New Barn Organics’ Regenerative Organic Certified almond milks are made with almonds sourced from Burroughs Family Farms, a beautiful family farm nestled in California’s San Joaquin Valley. As the first Regenerative Organic almond farm in the country, the Burroughs family has worked to change the future of farming in California.

​​For the past few years, New Barn Organics has sourced dry-farmed, organic almonds exclusively from farms in Spain and Italy, as this style of farming more closely aligns with regenerative, organic methods. While proud of these suppliers, partnering directly with the Burroughs family on a Regenerative Organic Certified supply agreement allows the company to take a significant step towards its goal of becoming Regenerative Organic Certified across all products, with its coconut milk also slated to become Regenerative Organic Certified in 2024.

Burroughs Family Farms follows a foundational set of practices that build a healthy ecosystem and enrich the soil, including never applying toxic chemicals sprays and using no-till practices. By using sheep to graze and fertilize the almond farms, they work with nature to maintain a natural harmony between the soil and the trees that grow their delicious almonds. Additional regenerative practices include planting hedgerows of native plants and wildflowers on the borders of the almond farms to prompt biodiversity and attract local pollinators. 

New Barn Organics' Regenerative Organic Certified almond milk ($5.99-$6.99 / 32 oz carton) is available for purchase online; in Whole Foods Stores throughout southern California, northern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii; and at independent retailers from San Diego to Seattle, who have long supported New Barn Organics, like Mother’s Market, Jimbo’s, Gelson’s, Erewhon, Good Eggs, Farm Fresh to You, Draeger’s, Lunardi’s, PCC, Market of Choice, Metropolitan Market and Zupan’s. 

To learn more about this exciting milestone and how New Barn Organics is spreading its mission to Make Food Better™, visit


New Barn Organics makes Regenerative Organic Certified foods and dairy-free milks that are sold nationwide in natural, specialty and mainstream channels. Founded in 2015, it has grown into a platform brand that offers customers the organic, ethically produced foods they crave in multiple categories. The company is guided by its commitments to transparent, organic, Regenerative Organic practices, as well as its belief that its products should contain the fewest, cleanest, simplest ingredients.

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