Dips Sampler Variety Pack


Case of 4 Includes: 1 Garden Herb, 1 Lemon Dill, 1 Habanero, 1 Roasted Red Pepper. 

We believe in using the fewest, cleanest, simplest organic ingredients. We also believe your food should be nutritious and delicious, no compromises. We start with sourcing nutrient-dense organic ingredients as the base to everything we create. A modern take on your favorite staples, which is really just getting back to basics. No filler ingredients or strange chemicals you can’t pronounce. 

Real food, really. 

Why New Barn Organics


The barn has historically been a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and community on the farm - a central place to come together and work in harmony with the land. Our ‘New Barn’ represents a connection back to the heritage of agriculture; we are committed to honoring the land and people who produce our food, making sure conditions are safe, healthy, regenerative, and dignified. We serve real food, made in real soil, to real people. Our promise is to meaningfully contribute to improving our collective food system, reconnecting people with honest food.

We believe we can all do better, and we’re reimagining what a food company can do.

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Fewest, cleanest, simplest organic ingredients.

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Honoring the land and people who produce our food.

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For our bodies, our planet and our future.