Barista Almondmilk 6 Pack


Create cafe-worthy foam at home, or enjoy straight from the carton in coffee or tea. Delicate almond flavor with a light touch of sweetness that blends beautifully, hot or cold. 

Our Almondmilk has everything you need and nothing you don’t. We start with filtered water, lots of organic almonds and a touch of sea salt. Blended with acacia gum - sap from the acacia tree - as nature’s solution to ensure it comes back together when you shake it. Just like homemade, from our kitchen to yours. 

Our organic almonds come from a co-op in Spain. They are dry-farmed, which means less water is used and flavor is boosted naturally.

Why New Barn Organics


The barn has historically been a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and community on the farm - a central place to come together and work in harmony with the land. Our ‘New Barn’ represents a connection back to the heritage of agriculture; we are committed to honoring the land and people who produce our food, making sure conditions are safe, healthy, regenerative, and dignified. We serve real food, made in real soil, to real people. Our promise is to meaningfully contribute to improving our collective food system, reconnecting people with honest food.

We believe we can all do better, and we’re reimagining what a food company can do.

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Fewest, cleanest, simplest organic ingredients.

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Honoring the land and people who produce our food.

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For our bodies, our planet and our future.